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M.P. Wills 
Writer | Director

Mark Wills
Writer | Director

Short Film
         The Horn  |  2024
         Blood Orange  |  2018
         Smile, Lisa   |  2010

Feature Film in development 
Women of Mist
        How To See It

        BBC StoryWorks


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My name is Mark Wills and I’m a Thai-Australian director, writer and documentarian based in Sydney, Australia. Growing up, the critique of images and the investigation of visual lyricism punctuated my early years, with a strong focus on using atmosphere and tone as my primary tool.

In my narrative work, I like making things people might find unusual or strange, beautiful; the overlapping clash that happens when darkness and beauty are juxtaposed to form one absurd, unified idea. It is the contrast between beautiful depth in the visuals and the actual content of what is being conveyed which fascinates me, a world where the overall visual palette contradicts its thematic tones.

I like asking what beauty can be and in turn, hope to use my unique, cross-cultural lens to explore fresh and exciting ways the boundries of cinema can be pushed. I am currently in development for my debut feature film.