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M.P. Wills 
Writer | Director

Mark Wills
Writer | Director

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         Smile, Lisa   |  2010

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Women of Mist
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Smile, Lisa | IFSS Graduation project | 2010

A film by M.P. Wills

Rahel Romahn, Tammy Schwartz, Jonathan Lee Jones, Miriam Michelle, Jennie Dibley 

Director: M.P. Wills
Screenplay: M.P. Wills
Cinematographer: Lucas Plunkett
Producer: Sharath Ravishankar
First AD: Rommel Cesena
First AC: Andrew Tran
Production Design: M.P. Wills
Sound: Daniel Boules
Runner: Matt Harris
Storyboard: Ruda Tillet
Editor: M.P. Wills
Sound designer: Jarad Avnell 
Colorist: Feroz Shaikh

After a fatal accident turns Lisa's life upside down, her brother embarks on a desperate mission convinced the only way to heal the wounds of the past is to get her to smile.

14 min | Colour | 1.85:1 | 2010 | ︎
Genre: Drama
Format: Red Epic | Red One