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M.P. Wills 
Writer | Director

M.P. Wills
Writer | Director

Short Fillm
         The Horn  |  2024
         Blood Orange  |  2018
         Smile, Lisa   |  2010

Feature Film in Development 
Women of Mist
        How To See It

        BBC StoryWorks


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Selected Documentary work | Global

I work globally across Oceania and Asia to create powerful, hard-hitting branded Documentary drama that breaks down complex domestic and international issues for the broadcast audience. My work seeks to challenge, entertain and surprise, featuring unheard voices on current and ever-evolving world themes. 

Our Documentary for Procter and Gabmle’s #HairWeGo campaign won the 2020 Digital Communications Award for Film & Video.


To find my full range of documentary and advertising work visit my production company: www.wearebirdcage.com